It’s That Time of Year…

…to play with a Ouija board? Yes, yes it is. Recently, my roommate and two of our friends had some “fun” contacting some spirits. Now, I don’t know what you believe, but personally I am about 90% on this – you can tell because I had my roommate sleep in my bed with me. Anyway, I want to get down to the nitty-gritty about this board because many have tried to contact spirits before. And if you haven’t, well here are some things you should know BEFORE trying to talk to your great grandmother who died years back or your bunny who “ran away”.

1. Never use the Ouija Board when you are in an ill or weakened condition. This can lead to all kinds of trouble and makes the person more vulnerable to possession. (so, I’m pretty much screwed because I did this twice, but hey, maybe I won’t have to go Halloween shopping because I will definitely be the scariest person lurking around. Just look for a girl with her eyes rolled back and talking like a demon.)

2. Often times the spirits contacted through the board create “wins” for the user causing he or she to become more and more dependent on the board. For example, a spirit might tell the truth about a future event to gain the trust of the user. The user  begins to consult the board more and more and eventually become addicted, not wanting to do anything but spend time with the spirit. This is known as “Progressive Entrapment”. (Forget gambling problems, those are SO last season, right?)

3. Since there is no way of truly knowing if a spirit is good or evil it is important to keep in mind that the spirits will often use false flattery and lies to gain your confidence. Be careful. (Okay, but who doesn’t love being flattered, right?)

4. Beware … if the planchette begins to count down through the letter of the alphabet or the numbers the spirit can escape form the board. (I wish I could just count down numbers when I wanted to get out of math class.)

5. Never use the Ouija in a graveyard or a place where a terrible death has occurred. Playing in these places might cause terrible manifestations. (Personally, I would never be like “hey, let’s go to a graveyard and talk to spirits” for fun. But maybe that’s just me.)

6. Ouija Boards that are not properly disposed of will return to haunt the owner. (Apparently, you have to break it in 7 pieces, sprinkle Holy water on them, and bury them. But anyway, does this mean that the board just haunts you? I don’t think that’d be so bad having a board follow you around, might get a little awkward in social situations, but better than having a spirit follow you, right?)

7. If you Burn the Ouija Board it will scream. (I’d scream too if I was being burned..)

Pretty much my whole dorm floor had done this together last night and we had a blast bonding over it. However, I would not suggest doing it with your new boyfriend because no guy is going to want to date a girl who likes to talk to the dead.

I just wanted to tell people about my experience with the board and warn them of certain rules of the “game”. Visit this site to read more rules about the Ouija Board, Have Fun!


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